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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Anna Duggar is such an inspiration. Read her thanks and get a tip on coping with adversity.
Anna Duggar has released a statement that is really a message within a message. The hidden message she included within her statement, was just half a Bible
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Is Beyonce pregnant? If she is, it is possible that she will announce her pregnancy at Super Bowl 50. Even if she doesn’t announce, folks might be...

Monday, January 25, 2016

The X- Files Show is more edgy and bold than ever, after censorship post 9/11
The X-Files with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, Premiered on Sunday night, quite literally with a bang. There were more explosions, better CG and far more

Sunday, January 24, 2016

It was 10 years ago. He was under age. Will he and his family ever be able to live it down? Will political figures ever be able to live down the fact they even know these very nice folks? Mike Huckabee survives a very aggressive heckler at a recent rally.  
The Josh Duggar scandal, is like the monster that just won’t die. It came to bite Mike Huckabee, just last week at a political rally, in the form of a very

Who says you can't find examples of Faith on TV anymore.. Anna Duggar is an example of Christianity, Love, Faith, and Forgiveness.
Anna Duggar is pregnant with her fifth child, by bad boy husband Josh Duggar. So what is really going on? Anna Duggar is Pregnant again? She just had a baby

Hey! Want to see Real Life Sons of Anarchy? See the video of a real life shooting and another of Bikers going to pay final tribute or a fallen Bandido. Check out the videos and exciting photos in this unique article. Much more than just an arrest account. See how the other kind of 1 percent lives.

Bandidos biker gang arrests come after a 23 month undercover investigation by DEA, FBI and the Texas Department of Public Safety. Biker gang arrests of this

Huff Post UK will host Duchess Kate Middleton, as their editor for a day. Kate intends to highlight Mental illness in children, a cause she shares with Huffington Post staff and management. See some great pics of Kate with the kids and learn more about her plans.
The Huffington Post welcomes Kate Middleton to head their UK news site for the day in order to raise funds and awareness for mental health issues in young